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Restaurant Bologna

It is immersed in a familiar and friendly atmosphere, vibrant and rhythmic of fame; Everyone delights at the tables of the Bologna restaurant, savoring genuine, homely cuisine from the Emilian origins.

A gastronomic tradition that has to be preserved and transmitted as an Italian cultural heritage, as well as a dish to taste.

Caesar and his staff welcome every guest by listing a menu full of typical dishes and new flavors that Chef creates inspired from the seasons.
Sitting around the tables at the Bologna restaurant means having lunch and dinner in the company of delicious delights, photographic images of actors, musicians and singers, along with t-shirts inspired by basketball, rugby, football and cycling.

Placed on the walls with postcards from all over the world, traces of affection for friends; Illustrations, works of art, gifts of artists who have had the pleasure of being an integral part of the convivium.

Menù a la Carte